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For the truly yarn worthy individual. Fair Trade Cashgora Yarn from Tajikistan. The yarn feels sumptuous and the colors are beautiful. Each hank comes with a card telling the story of who spun the yarn. What a wonderful gift to give that special deserving person!
O.K. I will come clean, I am a pushover for bags. I fell head over heels the moment I saw these. They are free trade and made with all sustainable dyes and the leather is tanned without harm to the environment. Now for the fun part, we have 3 different sizes of larger totes. The largest is customizable with felted hand made pins, The next largest size has two handles on each bag (crossbody and clutch) and removable button on panels (remember Bermuda Bags?). I thought one panel would be enough, no such luck! The smallest of the actual totes has embossed designs, feel free to add some felted pins. We also have 3 sizes of smaller incidental bags.....Not just for your projects but also great gift items that you will feel good about buying.
The perfect gift for the men on your gift list. The colors are wonderful and the yarn feels as beautiful as it looks!
Studio June Yarn - each month we will have a new base (or two or three....) of beautiful Studio June Yarn that is hand-dyed in Kalamazoo!  March is featuring Harvest, Abigail, and Cash-Paca.