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Mindful Kindness Set - 4" interchangeable lace needle set

The Mindful Collection interchangeable needles are manufactured from superior stainless steel for a smooth knitting surface.  Inspirational words like "imagine", "believe", and "focus" can be found on each needles to enhance knitting peace and pleasure.  The perfectly crafted tips are superior for fine fiber work and the smooth color coordinated cords have a swivel mechanism for no-twist glide.

Kindness is a set that brings together 7 of the most popular sizes, along with 4 smart cords and accessories. The assortment comes in a handy fabric case with a detachable multi-use pouch.

The stainless steel needle tips, with the perfect sharp pints, work smoothly when paired with memory and kink-free cords. This set is conveniently portable and ideal for all compact knit-in-the-round projects.

Needle sizes included:
US: 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8 (MM: 3.00, 3.25, 3.50, 3.75, 4.00, 4.50, & 5.00)

Cords: 2 Swivel Cords (360 degree rotational): 1 cord each of 16" & 22"; 2 Fixed Cords: 1 cord each of 16" & 22"

ACCESSORIES: 4 End Caps, 2 Cord Keys, 1 pair of Cord Connectors, 1 Needle Gauge, 2 Darning Needles, 10 Locking Stitch Markers, 10 Split Stitch Markers, and 30 Round Stitch Markers